NaanDanJain’s new rice watering system

Entrepreneur boasts drip system could end world hunger

NaanDanJain’s new rice watering system,
says the company’s agronomist,
can help farmers save water, take more crop to market

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India minister praises Israel’s ‘more crop per drop’ farm model

India minister praises Israel’s ‘more crop per drop’ farm model
Israeli agricultural tech has proven itself, says top Indian official Davendra Fadnavis

The business of government is politics, but there’s a time to put politics on the shelf, according to Davendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of the State of Maharashtra in India. “Everybody has to eat,” Fadnavis told The Times of Israel in an exclusive interview. “Israel’s agricultural and water technology is helping to satisfy global hunger. Who could disagree with that?”
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Blooming in Guatemala

nice view

Danziger Flower Farm recently chose NaanDanJain for a fascinating greenhouse project.

Danziger, an international leader in production and distribution of bedding plants and cut flowers, with 60 years of experience around the world, exports top quality and unique flower varieties to growers. One of its main markets is the United States. To increase exports, Danziger was required to open a production site in a region which has a suitable climate and soil, and which is also close to the United States.

Ojo de Agua, a small village in the Nueva Santa Rosa district in Guatemala, was chosen for the production site.  Construction of the 10-hectare greenhouse project broke records for construction speed and quality. NaanDanJain designed the entire project, and all parts of the water and irrigation system were shipped directly to Guatemala.

Satellite photo

No more than six weeks passed from the initial analysis of the soil and up to the first planting. In this short time, a water delivery system was installed for the use of the local staff, as well as an advanced irrigation system with an Israeli-made irrigation computer.

The greenhouses installed by NaanDanJain are exceptional due to the level of control, which includes water systems that can be monitored through a computer from anywhere in the world,  and the very high level of sanitation, which meets the demands of customers in the United States.  The double entrance to the greenhouse, chlorine and soap flushing system for all the equipment, and the sterile area, all contribute to the uncompromising cleanliness required for top quality flower production.


Immediately after the first planting, a special delegation of customers from the United States visited the project. The customers were amazed at the high quality and speed of execution, to the satisfaction of Danziger staff.

TalDrip is a success in Brazil


Brazil is a central and significant market for NaanDanJain’s products. One of the characteristics of this market is the need to deliver orders within a relatively short period of time. To date, irrigation products have been imported into this country from Israel, Spain, India, Turkey, and even Mexico, but the long import time reduced the company’s competitiveness and flexibility to meet the clients’ diverse needs.

Alfredo Mendes recounts: “In 2012 we installed the Thomas TalDrip production line in Brazil, and it’s been a success story by any standard. We have reached a production rate of 3.7 million meters a month, in different diameters and wall thickness of 6-35 mm. We are pleased to announce that the sales increased at a rate commensurate with the increase in the scope of production.”

Brazilian farmers growing strawberries, tomatoes, melons, other fruits and vegetables and also flowers benefit from the use of TalDrip products, which are used to irrigate field crops and plants growing in hothouses as well.
Alfredo summarizes: “We are expecting our capabilities and scope of production to grow in accordance with market needs. This will allow us to expand our activity and increase our market share in the agriculture sector in Brazil.”



Brazilian farmers growing strawberries

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The SD family conquers the irrigation world

Fake irrigation


Fake irrigation

In recent years, NaanDanJain has become aware of an increasing number of sprinklers on the market that are counterfeits of its own products. An examination conducted by the company’s regional managers revealed that approximately 20 companies around the world are imitating our successful models, which have proven their high quality in the field. The models suffering the most from this phenomenon include 5022 (which can ‘boast’ more than 100 different knock-offs!), and also model 5035. While these counterfeiters are, for the moment, incapable of duplicating NaanDanJain’s exceptional quality, and lack a distribution network and the professional support we provide our clients with – at the level of the individual product, farmers find it very difficult to differentiate the genuine NaanDanJain product from the imitation. They have even succeeded to deceive some of our own personnel.

The ‘arm’ makes all the difference

In order to differentiate its products and take immediate action against the counterfeiters, in the coming weeks NaanDanJain will begin affixing a hologram with a secret code to its sprinklers, to confirm their authenticity. However, the company is doing even more: it has decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity by developing a new and innovative product: the SD, or selective diffuser. The SD, which has been patent-registered, is an engineering upgrade that is difficult to copy. Following its highly successful assimilation into a limited number of the company’s flagship sprinklers, the implementation of the SD technology has been expanded. NaanDanJain is now proud to introduce the SD family, which comprises eight advanced sprinklers, five of which are used widely around the world, and the remaining three will be marketed soon.


The agronomist Kobi Shilo explains: “The classic sprinklers suffer from a well-known problem: the sprinkler provides good coverage of the outer circumference of the irrigation circle, but the inner circle suffers from insufficient irrigation. The old solution comprised two heads – one for the inner circle, and the other for the outer one. NaanDanJain managed to achieve maximal coverage using only one head, by redesigning it, and also adding the unique, graduated SD ‘arm’, which directs a single water jet alternately to the near range and to the far range.”







It works!

The advantages of the SD sprinklers are numerous and significant. Hassan Khateb, the Sprinkler and Micro Sprinkler Product Line Manager, explains: “The SD sprinkler’s water jet is stronger, and it produces larger drops. It is also less sensitive to the effects of the wind, and less prone to blockages. It covers a larger area, and thus allows increasing the space between irrigation lines by up to 30%, which results in cost savings in both system purchase and maintenance – in examining the sprinklers and repairing them.”

It is important to remember that the sprinkler itself costs the farmer only about 5% of the total irrigation system cost. All the other costs revolve around the pipes and the accessories. Therefore, the SD technology of the sprinklers actually generates costs savings of up to 30% for the farmer.

Almost like rain

Kobi Shilo adds: “The Christiansen Uniformity coefficient is a coefficient used to statistically examine how rainwater is dispersed, and assigns a ‘score’ of 100% when the plant is well covered. NaanDanJain's SD sprinklers received a score of above 90%, while other systems earn scores of only 75% to 85%. This is extremely important, since it affects crop growth uniformity, the yield and the quality of the produce; for uniform, high quality crops the amount of water must be just right – not too little, not too much. There is no need to over-irrigate in order to make up for insufficiency in certain areas, which allows conserving water and the fertilizer mixed into the irrigation water. Additionally, the entire crop of vegetables is uniformly sized, as the market prefers.”

Success in Israel and around the world

Hassan Khateb adds that SD sprinklers have revolutionized the irrigation world in Israel: in the last three years the vast majority of the potato, radish and carrot farmers in Israel have switched to these innovative sprinklers.

The SD family is successfully penetrating international markets as well. As an example, not long ago a large shipment of 73,000 SD sprinklers was dispatched abroad to fill the needs of a banana growing project covering an area of 1,000 hectares.

Individual attention to each crop

The innovative SD sprinklers join the broad variety of unique irrigation products developed by NaanDanJain, which believes in tailor-made solutions. The company’s solutions are classified into three main categories: sprinklers, micro-sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. NaanDanJain specializes in providing a tailored irrigation solution for each crop, taking into consideration the soil it is growing in, the specific weather conditions and numerous additional factors, which together form the complete and distinctive picture.

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India’s largest Micro Irrigation company and agriculture conglomerate has bagged the order for
the prestigious Ramthal-Marol Integrated Micro Irrigation Project in Karnataka. Krishna Bhagya
Jal Nigam Limited (KBJNL), a Dvision of Water Resources Department of Karnataka, has selected
the company through National Competitive Bidding. KBJNL is responsible for planning,
investigation, estimation, execution, operation and maintenance of all irrigation projects
coming under Upper Krishna Project (UKP).

This integrated project involves:
1. Survey, Investigation, Planning, Designing, Supply & Execution of distribution system
using HDPE / PVC piping network
2. Formation of Water Users Co-operative Societies in convenient blocks
3. Installation of on-farm fully automated Micro Irrigation System in 30,381 acre command
4. Two year’s maintenance after commissioning and training and capacity building of

This project is based on the unique concept of integrated Micro irrigation. Successful
commissioning of this project will assume the status of being the largest Micro Irrigation project
of its kind in the world for improving water use efficiency in canal command areas through
conduit distribution and use of Micro Irrigation Systems. Ramthal Integrated Micro Irrigation
Project is a major breakthrough in adoption of Micro Irrigation with modern irrigation networks
in the command areas. Under this integrated project, water is to be delivered directly using
HDPE / PVC piping network to irrigate 30,381 acre command area through Micro Irrigation
System by providing pressurised piping network. This revolutionary project would bring
transformation in agriculture of Karnataka. This will also bring the reforms in the irrigation
methodologies of canal command areas.
Company’s Joint Managing Director, Mr Atul Jain said “we are excited and happy to receive
such large order for uniquely designed project which will usher in significant benefits to all
stakeholders considering backdrop of dwindling water supply in our country in inverse
proportion to more demand for agriculture produce. We look forward to strong growth in
future coming from various States which are trying to implement innovative solutions to
counter water woes being faced by farming community. We thank State of Karnataka & KBJNL
for being at the forefront of technology implementation for small holders.”

Jain Irrigation’s Experience:
JISL has considerable pioneering experience in executing large scale integrated micro irrigation
projects in the country and abroad. They have already executed projects such as Balh Valley
Medium Irrigation Project in Himachal Pradesh (6250 Acres), Shiggaon Integrated Sprinkler
Irrigation Project-Karnataka (25,000 Acres), Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana-Rajasthan (37,500
Acres), Purna Medium Irrigation Project-Maharashtra (25,000 Acres), to name a few. The
company has substantial resources and unmatched expertise in the development of such
projects in the country. This success has been repeated in countries outside India as well
(particularly Africa), where JISL has done excellent work.

Existing Irrigation Practices & Change:
Before the development of this novel concept, irrigation was done by traditional methods of
canal network and flow irrigation. In this method, about 60% water is lost due to conveyance,
evaporation, percolation & seepage. Now, on the other hand, integrated micro irrigation
solutions consist of closed piping networks right from the source to the root zone of crops. This
results in huge savings of water and substantial increase in crop yields. The other advantages of
these solutions are savings in input costs, fertilizers and energy. Considering the inherent
advantages of micro irrigation, development of such a large scale integrated Micro Irrigation
Projects seems to be the only effective and efficient way of distributing canal water among the
farmers equitably, which will give social justice to the farmers across the entire network.

About Jain Irrigation
Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISL) with more than 9000 associates worldwide and revenue of
50 billion rupees, is an Indian multinational company with manufacturing plants in 28 locations
across the globe. It is engaged in manufacturing of Micro Irrigation Systems, PVC Pipes, HDPE
Pipes, Plastic Sheets, Agro Processed Products, Renewable Energy Solutions, Tissue Culture
Plants, Financial Services and other agricultural inputs since last 27 years. It has pioneered silent
revolution with modern irrigation systems and innovative technologies in order to save
precious water and has helped to get significant increase in crop yields, especially for millions of
the small farmers. It has also ushered in new concept of large scale Integrated Irrigation
Projects (IIP). All the products & services of JISL help create sustainable future while fulfilling
it’s vision ‘Leave this world better than you found it’.
JISL is listed in NSE-Mumbai at JISL.JALEQS and in BSE at code 500219. Please visit us at

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Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd implemented a Micro Irrigation project of 9,900 hectares of farm land

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd (JISL) has completed Rs 168 crore Integrated Micro Irrigation Project near Shiggaon in Haveri district of Karnataka. This project is expected to benefit around 8,200 farmers from nearly 30 villages where in farmers will be able to make the most efficient use of water.

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Israel's largest banana grower launch a new research station

The new research station is an initiative of "Bananot Hahof" who, together with crop expert-agronomist Hanan Ben Shalom, decided to investigate the optimization of banana growing in the Carmel beach area, where their plantations are located.
NaanDanJain accepted the challenge of designing and supplying the required materials for this unique project.

Irrigating the Olive Orchards of Jaen, Spain

Jaen in Spain has the largest area of olive production in the world. Two challenges have faced farmers in this area: scarcity of water and the demand for new technological solutions in order to increase productivity.

Ehud Barak's visit to NaanDanJain 4/1/2011

CEO Avner Hermoni showed off the Company’s cannon-sprinklers, capable of helping to fight blazes like the one that broke out on Mount Carmel *** Defense Minister Barak was impressed that all the Company’s sprinklers, used around the world, clearly display the words Made in Israel.

President of the second largest party in India visited the Indo-Israeli irrigation giant Naan Dan Jain

Mr. Nitin Gadkari, president of the opposition party BJP (translation: India's National Party), the second largest party in India (the first is the ruling party - the Congress Party), came on an official visit in Israel, heading a party delegation. The delegation specifically requested a visit at Naan Dan Jain, the Indo-Israeli irrigation giant, and this visit took place yesterday (December 14).

Barak Obama’s visit to Jain Irrigation Stall at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

On the eve of the visit of President of America , Mr Barak Obama, Confederation of Indian Industry
(CII) and the United States Agency for International Development (US AID) had organized a Kissan
Mela - an exposition showcasing Innovation that is helping transform Indian Agriculture on 7
November 2010 at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

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A "Double" for Naan DanJain from Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce

India’s Jain won a Special Award for its wide ranging activity in Israel; Director of NaanDanJain, Amnon Ofen won a Life Achievement Award

The Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, headed by former Minister of Industry and Trade Mr. Ran Cohen, has chosen at the weekend to grant Jain Irrigation a special award for the Asian company’s most outstanding investment in Israel over the last year. In addition, the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce has chosen to grant a Life Achievement Award to Mr. Amnon Ofen, a Director in Naan Dan Jain and representative of Jain in Israel, for his contribution to a deepening of ties between the two countries.

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Sixty representatives from the agricultural sector in Latin America visit Israel to learn about irrigation

Representatives from 12 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador, visited NaanDanJain in Israel and participated in a one-week seminar, which included field trips and exposure to advanced Israeli agro-technologies

NaanDanJain establishes a subsidiary in Romania to introduce advanced agro-technologies for commercial vegetable production

The subsidiary in Romania has already entered into an agreement for a potato production project on 60 hectares, amounting to EUR 150,000 *** Romania, which to date has imported its vegetables, presents an exceptional business opportunity for irrigation and agriculture *** Also: NaanDanJain's production plant in Spain manufactures 274 km of irrigation lines a day