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The Future of Orchard Irrigation

by Maoz Aviv, Chief Agronomist, Eliad Sasoni, Senior Agronomist & Hassan Khateb, Products Line Manager-NaanDanJain

Alongside the challenges that have always existed,
such as pests or drought, today growers are facing
new agricultural challenges
Alongside the challenges that have always existed, such as pests or drought, today growers are facing
new agricultural challenges. One of the greatest challenges is the increasingly unpredictable and extreme climate resulting from global warming. Another hardship in agriculture is the shortage of manual labor. Agriculture technologies are developed to support the growers efforts tp overcome  the new challenges:
This Article is taking a close look at the advantages of Micro irrigation in Orchards.

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Published in IRRIGAZETTE 170,  7/1/2019

The Frontline of Precise Agriculture for the Benefit of Farmers Worldwide

In an interview in IsraelAgri November 2018 edition, Maoz Aviv,
NaanDanJain's chief agronomist and coordinator of the Agro-tech project,
"The world water crisis has worsened since the 1970s, causing tremendous
agricultural crop loss due to insufficient water reservoirs for irrigation.
The shortage of manpower further adds to the crisis, resulting in higher
employment expenses.
All these factors cause inflated costs of the growing process,increased
food prices, and instability of food supply.

Thus, contemporary agriculture faces a dilemma—'to progress or to quit'.

To 'progress' means urgently adopting the most modern technology existing

on the market, and entering an era of agro-tech..

Farmers understand that using modern technology not only helps to exploit

reduced agricultural resources, It also increases yields, saving agricultural

expenses and enabling the reduction of produce waste to just a few percent.

NaanDanJain, as part of the farmers' aid package, has taken upon itself

to supply its customers world-wide with three new ag-tech service options:

Satellite Images,  Drones and Sensors. read all about it here

NaanDanJain Irrigation teams up with Danzinger bedding plants breeder
for Guatemala greenhouse project:
NaanDanJain project managar -  Yoav Ben Ari - talks in an interview for IsraelAgri
( March 2018) about this complex project in which all components were
provided from A to Z aiming to provide a comprehensive solution
with the goal of "taking care of each and every plant"

AgroIsrael has published ( 4th edition, December 2017) an article about The Micro-Sprinkler Revolution in Orchards, Looking into the world wide increase in the use of micro-spinklers and under-tree micro-irrigation systems.  In order to better understand how these systems work and why are they so effective AgroIsrael turned to NaanDanJain's agronomists: Maoz Aviv and Eyal Choen. Read all about it here.
Irrigazette has published an article about INNOVATIONS IN FROST PROTECTION in its 163rd edition published November 2017. The article was written by NaanDanJain's Senior Agronomist, Eliad Sasoni. Click to read.
NaanDanJain Chief Agronomist Maoz Aviv presented the "CROP CARE SOLUTION" - a new static foliar application system - at NewAGInterantional confrence in Berlin (March 2017) - which was throughly reported at NewAGInternational edition June/July 2017