Life Story-Sprinklers

Recently, we learned of two heartwarming stories about two of our sprinklers, which served their owners faithfully for more than 20 years.

Peter Lhotka working at the factory in Kibbutz Naan
In 1985, Peter Lhotka came to Kibbutz Naan from Canada as a volunteer. Before heleft the volunteer program, he received a sprinkler as a souvenir. Peter installed the sprinkler in his garden in Canada, and since then, for almost 30 years, the sprinkler has worked tirelessly, surviving extreme cold and intense heat. sprinkler
A few years later, in another country, Jan Troansgard bought five NaanDanJain sprinklers for his garden in Denmark.
That was in 1992,and since then, the sprinklers have been working non-stop. After many years and countless seasons and crops, the sprinklers stopped working. Peter and Jan contacted NaanDanJain and expressed their appreciation for the durability and reliability of the
sprinklers, and asked to purchase similar sprinklers, which will serve them for many more years.

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President of Kenya in NDJ booth

The president of Kenya, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, visiting NaanDanJain booth where he was introduced to our Drip Irrigation systems

The president of Kenya, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, visiting NaanDanJain

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NaanDanJain New Drippers Plant

NaanDanJain New Dripper Plant
Launch Ceremony

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Technical Seminar for European Subsidiaries

A technical seminar for European Subsidiaries took place from 16-19th May in Almeria, Spain. Over 40 salespeople and executives from NDJ Israel hosted the seminar guests from 7 countries: Spain, Italy, France, Rumania, Turkey, Israel and Morocco. NaanDanJain Europe has four marketing subsidiaries, of which Spain is the only one that also has its own production site. Representatives from the Jain subsidiary in Turkey, Jain Sulama, were also invited to attend the seminar. The Jain group owns a new production site in Adana, Turkey, which serves the Turkish market.

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EIMA 2010 Italy

NaanDanJain and Jain Irrigation exhibited together at the EIMA exhibition in Italy

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IndAgra Farm 2010 Romania

The INDAGRA Exhibition 2010 saw the launch of the new subsidiary, NaanDanJain Romania.

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Smagua 2010 - Zaragoza, Spain

Participating at one of the major agriculture events in Europe, NaanDanJain drew a lot of attention both from the local and the international community. The event was held in early March 2010.

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MOP Arawa 2010 - Israel

This local event, held in greenhouses of the Arawa in Southern Israel, has become a major agricultural happening of the region. The event was held in January 2010.

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$3.5 Million order from NaanDan Jain to Supply Turnkey Irrigation Solution to Government-Funded Projects in Kazakhstan.

The two projects will span 850 hectars *** NaanDan Jain CEO, Avner Hermoni: "Kazakhstan has tremendous potential for intensive development of sophisticated agro-technical agriculture" *** In 2009, the company continues to successfully penetrate CIS countries with large-scale projects *** In light of NaanDanJain's technological investments, the company expects sales growth in 2009

NaanDanJain Appoints Isaac Orlans as President and CEO of its latest acquisition "Point Source Irrigation"

Kibbutz Naan, Israel, April 1, 2009 – NaanDanJain Irrigation Ltd. (NaanDanJain), a global technological leader for irrigation solutions, has appointed Mr. Isaac Orlans as President of the recently acquired total ownership of US irrigation firm "Point Source Irrigation" (PSI).

NaanDan Jain Acquires US Irrigation Firm "Point Source Irrigation"

NaanDanJain strategy to fully owned subsidiaries drives company to buy 30% of PSI from Irritec and Siplast