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Super Fogger cooling system in net house tomato production

NaanDanJain establish a two years trial with an Israeli institute for agriculture R&D .
to study the effect of super fogger cooling system on net house tomato production.

Installation and maintenance of irrigation system

We have provided this short guide to help you operate your system for the longest period of time and with the best possible results. Please read it carefully before installing your system.

Covering Sheets in Orchards and Anti-Drainage Dripline Systems

Author: Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain
Plastic covering sheet systems have recently started to stimulate interest in the orchards market. Anticipated advantages of plastic covering:
1. Weed suppression
2. Water saving

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Low-Volume Irrigation of Olive Orchards

Low-volume irrigation contributes to quality yields, with its clear advantages:

1. Reduced evaporation, saving water and nutrients
2. Prevention of weed growth which competes for precious water and nutrients
3. Delivery of nutrients and water in precise portions directly to the root zone according to the tree's requirements in all stages of its development.

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The Total Coverage Irrigation Method

Author: Menachem Cohen, Chief design engineer , NaanDanJain

This article presents a new sprinkler irrigation method for total coverage of the area. You may ask what can be new about this irrigation method, which is known around the world and is used to irrigate many crops. The new method combines the advantages of the conventional irrigation method (wetting the entire area) with the advantages of low volume irrigation (precipitation rates that are adapted to the rate that water is absorbed by the soil). This irrigation method serves a variety of crops, such as sugar beet, potatoes and leaf vegetables. The new method combines the advantages of the conventional irrigation method (wetting the entire area) with the advantages of low volume irrigation (precipitation rates that are adapted to the rate that water is absorbed by the soil). This irrigation method serves a variety of crops, such as sugar beet, potatoes and leaf vegetables.

SDI - Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation

Author: Kobi Shilo, Agronomist, NaanDanJain

The history of SDI in Israel started at the beginning of the 1980's. Dripline was installed in hundreds of acres around the country, for irrigation of various crops such as cotton, corn, tomatoes and other vegetables. The main reason for this approach was tight scheduling for handling large drip systems covering 150-400 Ha., where 500,000-1,000,000 meters of dripline were installed and retrieved season after season.

Sprinkler Irrigation - Can its efficiency be improved?

Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

This article presents further options for more efficient irrigation. Use of a computer and software to analyze the water distribution allows anyone to examine and analyze the sprinkler data in an optimum manner. Analysis of different indices presented by the CU, DU and Scheduling Coefficient, and flexible execution of changes in sprinkler positioning, spacing and location will reveal to us the full picture of the optimal water distribution.

Advantages of Overhead Micro-Irrigation for Vegetables

Author: Kobi Shilo, chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

The success of micro-irrigation has enabled the development of a new approach to overhead sprinkler irrigation. After a long period of stagnation in the overhead irrigation market, dramatic economic and agrotechnical progress has been made, and new products are now offered. The use of plastic pipes, sprinklers and other accessories contribute to cost-savings and a longer product life.

Climate Control and Insect Protection Treatment with Fogger System

Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

Greenhouses and covered crops generally need extra climate control in order to achieve a high quality production level. Temperature and humidity are important components in climate control.

Conservation of Water: Irrigation with recycled water in greenhouses

Author: Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

As part of its efforts to take care of the environment through effective and efficient water management, NaanDanJain promotes irrigation with reclaimed water wherever possible. In today's high-tech era, more and more growers are embracing greenhouse crops. Roses are one of the leading greenhouse crops in Israel, grown hydroponically on volcanic rock or rockwool. NaanDanJain has installed systems that exploit recycled water for irrigation of greenhouse crops as well as nearby fields, orchards and plantations.

Misting and irrigation over propagation benches

Author: Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

Propagation systems for nurseries and greenhouses are a critical and important agro-technological issue. This article presents Green Mist, a dual-purpose emitter for misting and irrigation over propagation benches, developed, manufactured and marketed by NaanDanJain.

Drip Irrigation Systems Maintenance Guide

NaanDanJain’s drip irrigation systems are reliable, durable systems which, with proper care, will serve for many years. Meticulous measures have been taken to ensure the quality of the dripline and accessories that protect the drip system and ensure its maximum efficiency.

Greenhouse spraying system

Written by NaanDanJain agro-technical department

Growers have long been searching for solutions for effective and economical spraying in the greenhouse, with safe operation and savings in labor costs.

Frost protection with over-head irrigation

Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

Damage to crops in winter or early spring due to frost conditions has always been a major concern for growers. In most cases, frost damage can be prevented by sprinkling the crops with water during the frost period. Researches carried out by authorities such as the New Zealand Agricultural Engineering Institute, the U.S. department of Commerce and the Volcan Institute in Israel have shown that overhead irrigation systems are one of the most efficient ways to prevent frost damage to sensitive crops.

Silva 6024 - built for strength

Agro-technical department, NaanDanJain Introduction

The banana (Musa spp.) is one of the most important tropical fruits. Total world production of bananas is about 68.6 million tons of fresh fruit (FAOSTAT, 2001). Bananas require an ample and frequent supply of water; water deficits adversely affect crop growth and yields. Regular water supply under irrigation over the total growing season produces taller plants, with greater leaf area, and results in earlier shooting and higher yield, while water deficits during the yield formation affect fruit development and quality.

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