Super Fogger cooling system in net house tomato production

NaanDanJain establish a two years trial with an Israeli institute for agriculture R&D .
to study the effect of super fogger cooling system on net house tomato production.
The research trial was carried out in the Mediterranean region where high summer temperatures have been proved to have a detrimental effect on the delicate tomato fruit set process.
Comparisons of pollen quality, fruit set rates and fruit yield revealed that mean daily temperatures of
25–26 °C are the upper limit for proper fruit set and fruit yield for tomatoes grown in protected cultivation during the hot summer period. A moderate reduction of 1–1.5 °C in mean daily temperatures together with the increased RH (relative humidity) from 50% to 70% during day time improved the pollen grain’s viability.
Main results:
Temp drop 2-3 0C ( only 2-3 because it's moderate meditrenian climate with RH – around 50 % )
Humidity increase 40 %
Yield increase up to 30 % at certain months.

Cooling system with super fogger
Cooling system with super fogger
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