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The banana (Musa spp.) is one of the most important tropical fruits. Total world production of bananas is about 68.6 million tons of fresh fruit (FAOSTAT, 2001). Bananas require an ample and frequent supply of water; water deficits adversely affect crop growth and yields. Regular water supply under irrigation over the total growing season produces taller plants, with greater leaf area, and results in earlier shooting and higher yield, while water deficits during the yield formation affect fruit development and quality.

Silva 6024 - sturdy sprinkler  designed for banana plantations Banana plantation in Latin America
Silva 6024 - sturdy sprinkler
designed for banana plantations
Banana plantation in Latin America

As a result, the fruits are liable to premature ripening during storage. Under-tree sprinkler systems with low application at frequent irrigation intervals are commonly used in commercial banana plantations. Many issues should be considered when choosing a sprinkler system. However the key factors for growers are reliability, accuracy and economy.

The problem

The special nature of banana plantations presents a challenge to growers when choosing a sprinkler system. The density of plants and leaves in a plantation is an obstacle, preventing the entire application volume from reaching the right places. Sprinklers are usceptible to mechanical damage from falling branches and maintenance and harvest activities in the plantation. The sprinklers are also exposed to theft and damage as a result of vandalism. Bananas are highly susceptible to fungal diseases, as a result of wet fruit and leaves.

The solution

Faced with these challenges, NaanDanJain R&D department set out to develop a sprinkler that provides an optimal solution for irrigation in plantations, with emphasis on bananas. The company’s agronomists and engineers focused on the following aspects:

The result

Silva 6024 is a super strong 1⁄2” plastic sprinkler with sophisticated design providing incomparable resistance to mechanical damage and breakage.

Impact resistance is especially high due to an innovative combination of compact robust design and extra-strong and flexible plastic compounds. This sophisticated design integrates two unique characteristics:

The sealed and protected mechanism ensures reliable operation even with poor water quality and dirt. UV resistance is achieved by a special raw material compound. The innovative water passage – Arc Design – results in a stronger jet force, providing optimum penetration capacity of the jet through the dense foliage, so that water and nutrients are delivered to exactly the right places throughout the plantation. The Arc Design increases diameter coverage by 10% (an additional 2.0 m), while maintaining a low trajectory. The powerful jet also allows wider sprinkler spacing with a high distribution uniformity. There are significant savings in equipment costs (sprinklers, pipes, accessories) and labor costs. Water and nutrients are used economically and ecologically.

Interchangeable low-angle nozzles – 9, 12 and 14° with flow rates from 300 to 950 l/h – allow tailor-made design for different varieties, climatic and soil conditions, crop requirements and plantation development stages. The very low trajectory prevents wetting of the fruit and foliage, thereby reducing exposure to fungal diseases.

Quick-connect user-friendly bayonet nozzles are color-coded to allow simple operation and maintenance.

NaanDanJain offers a special anti-theft nozzle. An Anti-Robbery (AR) model with a PVC solvent cement joint is also available on request.

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