Greenhouse spraying system

Written by NaanDanJain agro-technical department

Growers have long been searching for solutions for effective and economical spraying in the greenhouse, with safe operation and savings in labor costs.

Foggers at work in nursery - Italy Greenhouse with fogger for  chemigation - Italy
Foggers at work in nursery - Italy
Greenhouse with fogger for
chemigation - Italy

NaanDanJain’s Fogger spraying system provides the required solution, meeting strict requirements:

The system is suitable for two applications: cooling and humidity control, and spraying, together or separately. The Fogger system is installed above the crop throughout the greenhouse (1 unit for every 4.0 square meters). The mist cloud that is formed drifts downwards slowly and gradually to envelop both high and low crops.Small and large areas are operated by one person and can be expanded. The pipe system is designed forand adapted to the operation pressure and small spraying volume.

Range of options for head control:

Emphasis is on careful planning and accurate performance. The system is not connected to any water source and complies with safety standards.

Distribution tests confirm the high effectiveness of the Fogger performance in a range of crops, including trellised tomatoes and cucumbers (3.0 m), roses and herbs.

Comparative tests with conventional manual spraying methods indicate equal or even more effective performance, immediate and quick response for spraying at any given moment, and extensive savings in labor costs and spray materials. A wide range of pesticides – liquid and powder – can be used.


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