New! Spark - Solar Panel cleaning solution

New from NaanDanJain : Introducing the SPARK  - Solar panel cleaning solution

The use of solar panels is becoming increasingly popular as a green, clean, and cost effective way to generate energy.

The solar panel efficiency depends on its ability to observe the sunlight, yet dust and dirt, which naturally accumulate on its surface, can jeopardize the panel absorbance ability and cause a significant reduction in energy generation.

This is where NaanDanJain's SPARK comes in:

The Spark unit is an easy, efficient and economical solution for the cleaning and washing of solar panels.

The results speak for themselves :

• Increased electricity generation - the Spark enables the system
to keep producing more efficiently.
• Saves money: no need to hire any cleaning services.
• Saves labor: manual cleaning of the panels becomes obsolete.
• Saves time: no time invested in maintaining and cleaning the system.
: eliminates Maintenance risks - no need for elevated handling and cleaning.

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