Articles with the tag: "greenhouses"

Climate Control and Insect Protection Treatment with Fogger System

Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

Greenhouses and covered crops generally need extra climate control in order to achieve a high quality production level. Temperature and humidity are important components in climate control.

Conservation of Water: Irrigation with recycled water in greenhouses

Author: Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

As part of its efforts to take care of the environment through effective and efficient water management, NaanDanJain promotes irrigation with reclaimed water wherever possible. In today's high-tech era, more and more growers are embracing greenhouse crops. Roses are one of the leading greenhouse crops in Israel, grown hydroponically on volcanic rock or rockwool. NaanDanJain has installed systems that exploit recycled water for irrigation of greenhouse crops as well as nearby fields, orchards and plantations.

Misting and irrigation over propagation benches

Author: Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

Propagation systems for nurseries and greenhouses are a critical and important agro-technological issue. This article presents Green Mist, a dual-purpose emitter for misting and irrigation over propagation benches, developed, manufactured and marketed by NaanDanJain.

Greenhouse spraying system

Written by NaanDanJain agro-technical department

Growers have long been searching for solutions for effective and economical spraying in the greenhouse, with safe operation and savings in labor costs.