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Ehud Barak's visit to NaanDanJain 4/1/2011

CEO Avner Hermoni showed off the Company’s cannon-sprinklers, capable of helping to fight blazes like the one that broke out on Mount Carmel *** Defense Minister Barak was impressed that all the Company’s sprinklers, used around the world, clearly display the words Made in Israel.

Agritech 2012 Photo Gallery

The "Agritech 2012" exhibition held in Tel-Aviv drew tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world. The presence of the company NaanDanJain, along with its parent company Jain, in the exhibition was major and impressive.
The Indian-Israeli partnership had two reasons to celebrate, as – the day before the exhibition opened – the company Jain signed an agreement with the kibbutz Na'an, purchasing the remaining 50% of the company Na'anDanJain. Thus, Jain had become the complete owner of Na'anDanJain, fulfilling its vision of internationalism. Moreover, Israel celebrated 20 years of trade relations with India, which made the entire event all the more special.
Na'anDanJain's booth exhibited the lines of products, solutions and services of the two companies – which together form the widest variety in the world. Thus, the concept of the 'one-stop shop' is embodied.
The Israeli Minister of Industry, the Deputy Indian Ambassador in Israel, ministers from around the world, ambassadors and the heads of the Jain family – who visited Israel for the signing of the agreement and for Agritech exhibition – took part in the inauguration ceremony of the Na'anDanJain booth. During the ceremony, the Israeli Minister of Industry gave the company Jain a letter of appreciation on behalf of the Israeli Government, for its activity and investments in Israel. The Minister said: "On behalf of the Israeli Government, I am honored to express appreciation to the Jain family and to the Jain Concern for its vital contribution to the Israeli economy. To me, the fact that Jain chose our country as a main target of investments expresses the efforts that the Israeli Government has made in order to establish an optimal business atmosphere for international investors."

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