Articles with the tag: "efficient irrigation"

Sprinkler Irrigation - Can its efficiency be improved?

Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

This article presents further options for more efficient irrigation. Use of a computer and software to analyze the water distribution allows anyone to examine and analyze the sprinkler data in an optimum manner. Analysis of different indices presented by the CU, DU and Scheduling Coefficient, and flexible execution of changes in sprinkler positioning, spacing and location will reveal to us the full picture of the optimal water distribution.

Advantages of Overhead Micro-Irrigation for Vegetables

Author: Kobi Shilo, chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

The success of micro-irrigation has enabled the development of a new approach to overhead sprinkler irrigation. After a long period of stagnation in the overhead irrigation market, dramatic economic and agrotechnical progress has been made, and new products are now offered. The use of plastic pipes, sprinklers and other accessories contribute to cost-savings and a longer product life.

Conservation of Water: Irrigation with recycled water in greenhouses

Author: Kobi Shilo, Chief Agronomist, NaanDanJain

As part of its efforts to take care of the environment through effective and efficient water management, NaanDanJain promotes irrigation with reclaimed water wherever possible. In today's high-tech era, more and more growers are embracing greenhouse crops. Roses are one of the leading greenhouse crops in Israel, grown hydroponically on volcanic rock or rockwool. NaanDanJain has installed systems that exploit recycled water for irrigation of greenhouse crops as well as nearby fields, orchards and plantations.