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Silva 6024 - built for strength

Agro-technical department, NaanDanJain Introduction

The banana (Musa spp.) is one of the most important tropical fruits. Total world production of bananas is about 68.6 million tons of fresh fruit (FAOSTAT, 2001). Bananas require an ample and frequent supply of water; water deficits adversely affect crop growth and yields. Regular water supply under irrigation over the total growing season produces taller plants, with greater leaf area, and results in earlier shooting and higher yield, while water deficits during the yield formation affect fruit development and quality.

Israel's largest banana grower launch a new research station

The new research station is an initiative of "Bananot Hahof" who, together with crop expert-agronomist Hanan Ben Shalom, decided to investigate the optimization of banana growing in the Carmel beach area, where their plantations are located.
NaanDanJain accepted the challenge of designing and supplying the required materials for this unique project.