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Blooming in Guatemala

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Danziger Flower Farm recently chose NaanDanJain for a fascinating greenhouse project.

Danziger, an international leader in production and distribution of bedding plants and cut flowers, with 60 years of experience around the world, exports top quality and unique flower varieties to growers. One of its main markets is the United States. To increase exports, Danziger was required to open a production site in a region which has a suitable climate and soil, and which is also close to the United States.

Ojo de Agua, a small village in the Nueva Santa Rosa district in Guatemala, was chosen for the production site.  Construction of the 10-hectare greenhouse project broke records for construction speed and quality. NaanDanJain designed the entire project, and all parts of the water and irrigation system were shipped directly to Guatemala.

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No more than six weeks passed from the initial analysis of the soil and up to the first planting. In this short time, a water delivery system was installed for the use of the local staff, as well as an advanced irrigation system with an Israeli-made irrigation computer.

The greenhouses installed by NaanDanJain are exceptional due to the level of control, which includes water systems that can be monitored through a computer from anywhere in the world,  and the very high level of sanitation, which meets the demands of customers in the United States.  The double entrance to the greenhouse, chlorine and soap flushing system for all the equipment, and the sterile area, all contribute to the uncompromising cleanliness required for top quality flower production.


Immediately after the first planting, a special delegation of customers from the United States visited the project. The customers were amazed at the high quality and speed of execution, to the satisfaction of Danziger staff.